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Q: What is counseling?

A: In counseling sessions, you have the opportunity to talk about your problems with a trained and licensed professional who will listen attentively and without judgment. Questions may be asked to help you think about things in a new way. The goal of counseling is to provide a safe place where you can explore and more clearly understand yourself, your feelings, your behaviors, and your needs. This knowledge will empower you to identify options and make choices to better manage your life and resolve your problems.

Q: Why should I or a family member go to counseling?

A: Most people go to counseling when their usual way of handling problems is no longer working. It may be that talking with friends or family is not as helpful as it has been in the past, or it may be that the problem is about friends and family.

Some people have been struggling with problems for a long time, and they finally go to counseling when the problems get in the way of their relationships, their jobs, or their ability to get things done day to day.

Most people who go to counseling are experiencing uncomfortable or unpleasant feelings, such as sadness, anxiety, anger, uncertainty, or just a general sense of being overwhelmed or out of balance.

Others have ongoing challenges (depression, anxiety, or addiction, for example), and go to counseling to improve their moods and functioning, and to attain and maintain recovery.

Q: What is spiritually integrated counseling?

A: At Interface-Samaritan, we recognize and appreciate that mind, body, and spirit are interrelated. In addition to cognitive and psychological resources, we find that integrating one’s faith perspective, or working through spiritual struggles, helps to promote healing, growth, and overall well-being.

While most of our clients request counseling from a Christian perspective, our counselors are trained to incorporate the understandings and traditions of each client’s individual beliefs and values into the healing and growth process. We also respect the wishes of clients who prefer not to have issues of faith or spirituality as an integral part of their therapy.

We find that whether you consider yourself to be spiritual or not, questions of life meaning are generally very much a part of how you live and experience your life. Spiritually integrated counseling offers you the opportunity to explore and understand the seemingly incomprehensible and unmanageable in life.

Q: Do I have to be Christian to come to Interface-Samaritan Counseling?

A: No. At Interface-Samaritan we provide spiritually integrated counseling from your own faith perspective. Our counselors specialize in integrating your views on spirituality and faith into your sessions. We also respect the wishes of clients who prefer not to have issues of faith or spirituality as an integral part of their therapy.

Q: What if my spouse doesn’t want to come to marital counseling?

A: Each person must take responsibility for their own commitment to growth and change. Sometimes one of a couple is ready to do so before the other is. You can begin counseling individually if it is not yet possible to do so together.

Q: Do you take insurance?

A: Interface-Samaritan Counseling Centers is recognized by several insurance companies and employee assistance plans. The client relations coordinators in each office can answer your questions about which therapists are approved by which plans.

Q: I don’t have health insurance, does INTERFACE offer financial assistance?

A: Due to the generosity of supporting churches and donors, Interface is able to offer adjusted fees, depending on household income and number of dependents in the household. Individuals may apply for subsidized counseling services through the Sherri and David Dunn Hope Fund.

Q: What is a Counseling Intern? (LPC-I or LMFT-I)

A: A counseling intern is a masters-degreed, licensed counselor who is under formal supervision while working to gain required hours to practice independently.

Q: Do you have therapists who are bilingual?

A: We have bilingual therapists currently on staff, in the Galleria location on San Felipe.

4803 San Felipe, Houston, TX 77056

6823 Cypresswood Dr., Spring, TX 77379

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